“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”

Coco Chanel


As mothers of nine-year-old girls, we know very well how much the market lacks aesthetically pleasing, age-appropriate clothes for children, especially for girls who attach great importance to what they wear from an early age. Outfits that combine comfort, style, high quality materials and workmanship. We often have to make a choice. If the dress is nice, it turns out that it is made of artificial fibers. And when the material is natural, the style does not live up to expectations ...

We thought we were fed up with compromises. We joined forces and this is how the idea for a clothing company was born. The idea, which at first was a dream, then was put on paper in the form of sketches, so that in the end the dressmakers would breathe life into our vision. This is how clothes were created and they are expected to satisfy the most demanding tastes of both girls and their mothers. These are clothes that shape the sense of good taste of our daughters from an early age - elegance without ostentation. Clothes that do not restrict movement and imagination. Clothes that will allow the wings to grow out. Out of the love of mothers for their daughters.

We focused on high-quality materials, which is important not only for the comfort of wearing and the feeling when the material touches the skin, but also for health. Do you know that about 75% of the substances we carry are absorbed into our body through the skin? That is why you will not find artificial fabrics or poor-quality dyes here.

Our products are sewn in small collections, in Poland, not massively in China, India or Bangladesh. Each piece is unique, just as each girl is unique. It has a different character, temperament. It hides a different story ...

Famke - naturally out of love.


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